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Initial Consultation and Follow-up Appointments

Initial consultation: 

The initial appointment can go up to 90 minutes and has to take place in the office or over the internet with the use of video conferencing.   Please see the Video Conferencing instructions here. Prior to your first appointment, you will need to fill out and send in several forms. You will find the forms further down on this page.

Follow up appointments: 

Follow-up appointments can last up to 30 minutes.  Follow-up appointments are scheduled every four weeks at first.  As you reach your own goals from working with homeopathy, you and Farah may choose a longer interval for your appointments.   In between regular follow-up appointments if you have quick questions, you can call the office.  These calls are for a few minutes only and are complementary if limited to 2-3 calls or emails per month.   It is better to discuss possible need to change a remedy during regular appointments.  If Farah is not available when you call, she will return your call within 24-48 hours unless notified otherwise.

If you live far from the office or if it is easier, you can do your follow-up over the phone or with phone and video conferencing.  Please use email only for administrative and scheduling questions unless you live in a different country or your life situation makes it difficult to use the phone to communicate.


Homeopathy services provided by Farah are not reimbursed by insurance.


The fee for the initial appointment is $350 and for follow up appointments is $125 monthly.

The initial appointment fee is discounted for Lydian Center practitioner referrals.   Please ask Farah for more information if you have been referred by a Lydian Center practitioner.


The fees for consultation are payable by cash (USD), cashier’s check, US check or credit card (Visa/MC).