Farah Gron, CCH, RSHom(NA)
Certified Classical Homeopath
New Life Homeopathy

Companies for ordering homeopathic remedies and other supplies:

  1. Natural Health Supply has most remedies. They also have a 50 remedy 30C kit that I think is very helpful to have on hand. The kit is called First Aid Emergency Kit.
  2. Acton Pharmacy located in Acton, Massachusetts, 1-800-551-3611.
  3. To order fat soluble Vitamin C (Ascorbyl Palmitate) you can go to Amazon.
  4. To order items that might help support special needs children with their sensory issues you may consider Stacy's Sensory Solutions

Testimonials for Farah

  • "I have been using Homeopathy for the last 6 months under the care of a great Homeopathic Practitioner named Farah Gron and I feel better in ways that I have not thought possible.   I believe that if I knew about Homeopathy as a child I would not have had to go through many of the difficult things I went through as an young adult. If you are like me and are proactive about your health, look into Homeopathy. It is a great tool that will serve you well."

  • "I went to Farah in hopes that she could help me get back to my normal self. At first I was reluctant but after about a month of taking her remedies I started to see results. Thanks to Farah I can confidentially say I have never felt this good in years!"

  • "My daughter has suffered from anxiety as long as I can remember. She was terrified any time I could not be with her and would not calm down. We stopped going to church and I stopped going to MOPS type activities (where she was with children and I was with the moms) because the teachers would always call me out to come and get her. She would become hysterical. She also had many food allergies and refluxed constantly. 

    She was afraid of the teacher in preschool and would not talk in class. She was an early reader at 4 but the teacher told me in our conference she was concerned she might have learning challenges because she wouldn't respond to her questions. She played quietly and didn't engage with the other children. This lasted for 2 years of preschool. She also started stuttering as she learned to speak (she was an early talker) and stuttered very badly. The teacher recommended she not start Kindergarten at 5 due to her lack of participation in class and her weak social skills. 

    We started homeopathy for my daughter with Farah Gron. I started to notice that the refluxing and the stuttering could be controlled with the remedies my daughter was taking. As we moved through Farah's plan, the stuttering and refluxing stopped completely! They had been going on for years. 

    With the support of homeopathy, my daughter THRIVED in Kindergarten! She was asked on so many playdates that I couldn't keep up! She won a medal for academic excellence (one of three in her class) and she loved school! Her confidence increases every day. She just started a new school and faced the first day without anxiety but with excitement! She has easily made new friends and her new teacher said she doesn't know what to do with her--she is so advanced that the curriculum isn't appropriate for her. We believe God saved our daughter and He used homeopathy to do it! We recommend Farah Gron and homeopathy to anyone who will listen!" 

    —M., California
  • Dearest Farah, I think of you often - especially when I look at J. and see how well he is doing. He's 13 years old now and in the 8th grade. Next year, he will be in high school, so we are spending much of our time after work/school preparing for the next chapter in his life - test prep, tutoring, application paperwork, open houses, etc.

    Thanks to you, J. is applying to some of the top schools in our city. He is a wonderful young man who is maturing every day. I'm most proud of him when I see him trying new things that are challenging for him. Last year, he joined his school's speech team. He competed in a few tournaments, but never so much as received an honorable mention, which was getting him down. As you might imagine, he's very good at memorizing speeches, but expressing feeling is much harder. The evening before a tournament a couple weeks ago, he was practicing, and said that he didn't know why he was trying so hard if he was never going to win. We tried shifting his focus from winning to connecting with audience and his own feelings as he spoke. The next day, he won third place in a competition with students from at least 5 schools! I was so proud of him and immediately thought of you and your commitment to healing him.

    I just wanted to share this great news with you. Other very good news is that J. is growing socially - and seems more at ease with his peers. My heart melts every time I see him interacting in a natural way with other middle school kids, because I have witnessed miraculous change in him.

    With lots of love and heartfelt gratitude,


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General Books

  • Fearless Nest - Our Children As Our Greatest Teachers is an anthology of stories written by 22 mothers and edited by Shana Stanberry Parker.
  • Out of the Blue : True-Life Experiences of Awakening, Revelation, and Transformation by Mary Terhune

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Other Modalities

Please do your own research and due diligence for the following modalities and the service providers before starting your work with them.

  • Nutritional Consultant:  Andi Stowe  Nourished Blessings
  • Acupuncture: John Choi, Lic. Ac., Cambridge, MA, 617-953-4988
  • Reiki: Jordan Bain, Brookline, MA, 617-694-0994